How to Maintain Your Sanity While Unemployed (Suggestion Number 1)

We’ve all been there…unemployed, broke, and wondering where the next rent check will come from. If you haven’t, then congratulations, this post isn’t for you. But for the rest of us, we know how crazy-making being unemployed can be. After applying to god-knows-how-many jobs, scouring the Internet for articles on writing résumés, cover letters, and interview tips, and then waiting weeks upon weeks without a single response. It’s easy to lose touch with good sense. I am currently on week eight of unemployment, and have come to the point where I’m wondering whether or not I could get my old high school job back (despite the fact that I’m now 30 years old).

But there are ways to make the time go faster. Ways that are both financially beneficial and emotionally rewarding. Each week, I will make a post with a new suggestion to help you through this difficult period (as I continue being unemployed, I’m certain this list will grow quite large).


Frisbee Golf

Getting outside is great to begin with, but I mention Frisbee golf because it has many benefits that can help you as an unemployed individual. Don’t believe me? Let me explain. First of all, Frisbee golf is still a relatively new sport. Not too many people know about it or play it, but those that do come from a wide range of backgrounds. This is because Frisbee golf has little to no costs—anyone can play. Most Frisbee golf courses are free. They are usually located in public parks, and are easily accessible. The only foreseeable costs are the prices of the Frisbee golf discs. Unfortunately, regular Frisbees wont do for Frisbee golf. You need special discs specifically made for the sport. Not to worry, you can usually find these at your local sporting goods store, and are around $10-$15 a disc. But if you would prefer to pay nothing, I’ll give you my tip (which I highly recommend even if you can afford the discs). Go to a Frisbee golf course and spot a large group of people, ask them about Frisbee golf, and see if it would be ok for you to play with them. Most people who play the sport become very fond of it and love to have the opportunity to teach people. They usually carry a bag full of discs and have no problem with letting people borrow one.

Right now you might be saying, “ok, this is interesting but how does this help people who are unemployed?” Well, there are the obvious benefits: getting exercise, vitamin D from the sun, and it’s a fun way to pass the time. But more specifically, it has an uncanny ability to connect you to other people. As I stated earlier, the people that play have a wide variety of backgrounds. It’s not uncommon for a person who is unemployed to be playing in a group with someone who works in their field of interest. Through the medium of Frisbee golf, they are able to share information that is helpful. And, if nothing else, talking to others with a similar background can give hope that there are employers out there that are looking for someone like you.


If you would like more information about Frisbee golf, I have included some resources I found to be helpful:


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